The Next Generation of LAND NFTs

LAND is a core pillar of MetaGods. The ecosystem highly benefits
LAND owners, providing various passive revenue streams. We want to be 100% owned by the community and the players.
Landowners will be able to vote on boss attack actions, dungeon difficulty, loot drop rate, and overall design.
LAND is a digital piece of real-estate that makes up the entire game world of MetaGods.
The smallest unit of LAND is a 1×1 grid which is a part of a 10×10 Dungeon.
There are 35 Dungeons in the entire realm of MetaGods, which means there are 3,500 plots of LAND in the ecosystem. Only 3,200 will be available for sale, and the remaining 300 will be reserved for internal game economy use, future community giveaways and other special events.

LANDs in MetaGods

The main gameplay of MetaGods takes place in the Dungeons across the realm, each governed by a God Boss (e.g. Zeus), and filled with deadly monsters and legendary loot.

True LAND Ownership (Asymmetrical Gaming!

By owning LAND, you own portions of MetaGods. You become a part of the game! You are Zeus, Poseidon or Medusa.

Mission Staking Fee Pool

MetaGods has a built-in NFT Mission Staking Failure Rate:
Players can stake their character NFTs in
Dungeon Missions to earn rewards.
If failed, all rewards will be distributed to LAND owners in the Dungeon.
If successful, players will receive rewards, and LAND owners will earn a small fee from the winnings.

Reward Distribution System

For example, if you own a 4x4 LAND in a full-house Dungeon, you have a 16% chance in acquiring the dropped loot.

Guild-Building in lands

Showcase Your Ownership Status!

LAND Buildings Economy

Owners can construct Buildings on their LAND to provide valuable infrastructure to expand and maintain their
economy as well as powering up their NFTs and resource consumption will be a core gameplay mechanic.

Economic Buildings

Gold Pit


Trading Post

Stone Pit





Military Buildings








Guild hall

Circular Economy

The LAND mechanics allow all participants within MetaGods to generate financial value, creating a
highly sustainable ecosystem.


Sell loot and rewards for
rewards or list on

Dungeons &

1. Earn rewards from staking missions
2. Earn loot and rewards from
successful dungeon raids


Buy items from
marketplace using rewards

Land Owners

Sell loot and rewards for rewards
or list on marketplace

be the master of the game now